International shipping
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Sorry, We accept  to paypal only.

We accept PayPal as a method of payment if you bear PayPal fees.


+ About PayPal

Here is the procedure for your PayPal payment.

1. Please send me a mail with some list that you want to buy.

2. We will replyto you a notification of the total amount to be paid from us via PayPal.
3. After you agree to pay via PayPal and we confirm our receipt of the total amount,

   your order will be shipped.
4. Please note that we assume you cancel your order if we do not receive the amount

    within 5 days after the notification of the total amount.
    The total amount includes your ordered items, delivery and PayPal fees.
    PayPal fees are calculated as follows.
    (Total amount of your ordered items and delivery fees) X 5%

    For example,
    Total amount of your ordered items:KRW100,000-
    Delivery fees:KRW1,8000-
    PayPal fees (100,000+1,8000) X 5%:KRW5900-
    Total amount to be paid via PayPal : KRW12,3900-



+  PayPal


1. ڪëƫêƪ

2. PayPal릪ǡ𢪯骻Ȫު

3. 򪷪𢪤˪Ū㪷ު顢Ȫު

4. 5ŪǪʪꡢ


+ͪ X 5%

PayPalި (100,000+1,800
) X 5%: KRW5900





Shipping & Delivery


International Shipping Services Shipping fee will be advised from stores

 for your order confirmation. The following shipping tariff will be applied for

EMS or Economy Shipping Services.



Economy shipping VIA


- Deliver : KOREA POST (USPS)

- Start 5.5$~

- Item per 3$

- 10~30days taken / excluding holiday and weekends

- Check as a gift

- Combine shipping avaliable

- Tracking number


Expedited shipping VIA


- Deliver EMS(USPS)

- Start 21$~

- Item per 3$

- 10~30days taken / excluding holiday and weekends

- Check as a gift

- Combine shipping avaliable

- Tracking number


Here is tracking page :





˪ĪުƪϡܬԲ˪ ު








- 380~

- 届ުǪࣺ10~30骤

- իȪǫë

- ȫë󫰫ʫー


Expedited shipping VIA

- 会䡯 : ţͣӡ

- 1380~

- 届ުǪࣺ3~5骤

- իȪǫë

- ȫë󫰫ʫー


Here is tracking page :




Exchange & Returns


We exchange any defective merchandise for the item under following condutions.

- Contact us. And then we will have arrangement for you.

- If the item is defective, Contact us within 7days and we will replace defective items

  with same item for refund.

- 30days : Item must be returned within 30days.

- For return, Items must not be worn and include the original undamaged packing.

- Except our mistake, return shipping will be paid by you.
Tel number +82-10-4788-4441
Return address (471-010) 437ho, Inchan Sesin Bld, Inchang, Guri, Keongi, KOREA





 ໣(471-010) 437ho, Inchan Sesin Bld, Inchang, Guri, Keongi, KOREA

 - 1)届18ࡢ߾ᶪڪ󷪷ʪꡣ
 - 2)様Ī˪ʪ쪿
 - 3)様・ߪ쪿